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-Frequently Asked Questions-

-What are your office hours?

We do not have regular office hours. We meet customers by appointment. We have found this works much better because most people work during the day when we would have had someone in the office. We often meet customers outside of regular business hours. It is very common for us to meet people in the evening between 5pm and 9pm. We also have no problem meeting people on weekends.

-How do I rent a unit?

We meet customers by appointment. Call us (802)482-8111 and we can setup an appointment to meet you at the office at the facility. We are very flexible about the time, evenings and weekends are fine.

-What do I need to bring with me to rent a unit?

You must have all of the following items in order to rent a storage unit:

A) A government issued photo ID that includes your name, address and date of birth. Your state issued drivers license or a passport are the most commonly used forms.
B) You will need a valid address where you receive mail.
C) You must have 2 valid phone numbers, (home phone, cell phone, work phone, parents or child's phone, etc . . .)
D) Some form of payment, cash is preferred but we also accept checks, money orders, Visa and Master Card.

-Can I rent a unit over the phone?

We can take most of your information and a deposit over the phone; however we still need to meet you in person prior to your use of the unit. We do have a contract which you must sign and we need to see some form of government issued photo ID.

-Do you charge a security deposit?

Yes. We collect a security deposit equal to one months rent. This deposit is refunded to you after you move out, it is NOT used as the last months rent.

-How much money do I need to start renting a unit?

This depends on what size unit you rent, what time of month your rental begins and what supplies you might need. Please see our Unit Size Chart and our Storage Supplies page for unit and supply pricing.

-What size unit do I need?

We can't answer this with certainty but we can offer you some guidelines. Please see our Unit Size Chart page for details.

-During what hours do I have access to my unit?

You have access to your unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

-Do I need to bring my own lock or do you provide one?

You are welcome to bring your own lock, or you can buy one from us. We recommend using a disk style lock.
This is the only style lock we sell. They are much more secure than a regular padlock. You can see our Storage Supplies page for our prices.

-Do you offer climate controlled storage?

No. True climate controlled storage means that the temperature inside the unit won't drop below 50F or rise above 85F. It also means that the humidity level in the unit is maintained between say 20% and maybe 50%. Because the units must be heated and cooled and the air must be conditioned to remove humidity, this type of storage is very expensive. It typically costs between 60% and 80% more than non-climate controlled storage. It is very expensive.

-Do I need climate controlled storage?

Ultimately that is completely up to you. As a general rule of thumb if you have very expensive solid wood furniture (Stickly, Ethan - Allen, etc), musical instruments, rare, priceless, 1st edition books, etc . . . you should look into climate controlled storage.

-Do you offer outside vehicle storage?

No, not at this time.

-Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum rental period is 1 month.

-Do you require a notice to vacate the unit?

Yes, we appreciate 30 days notice however we only require 15.

-Do you have any security at your facility?

Yes. We have a security camera system which is digitally recorded. There are several cameras throughout the facility, some very obvious and some hidden.

-Do you have any problems with flooding?

No. The facility was built in 2000 and we have never had any flooding. We purposely had about 3' of fill brought in and raised the facility 3' higher than most of the town of Hinesburg. We also hired a professional engineering firm to design the drainage system. We have never had any problems with flooding.

-Do you have any problems with water?

The facility was built in 2000. It is relatively new. We have never had any problems with flooding or water coming in under the doors. The roof is a flat metal roof which is screwed down to the building frame. The screws have rubber gaskets to prevent water from leaking through. Over time the rubber gaskets will wear out and we could get a small amount of leakage through those holes. We have had this happen in 2 units out of 200 in 12 years. It is very rare and easily fixed.

Aside from that the floors are made out of concrete. In the winter the ground freezes. In the spring the air is warmer and holds more moisture than it did in the winter. If this warm, moist air comes into contact with the frozen, cold concrete the moisture in the air will condense on the concrete. To avoid this from bothering your stored belongings you can either elevate your belonging using pallets or make sure that none of the concrete floor is exposed to the air. If the air does not come into contact with the cold concrete you will not get any moisture or condensation.

-Do you have a problem with mice (or any other pests) at your facility?

Not generally. We do contract with a professional service to prevent this from happening. We bait for mice and keep a watchful eye out for bees and bird nests. These are dealt with as soon as we are aware of them. Although we take all of these measure it is still not full proof. If you store a 5lb bag of peanuts in your unit (and yes, we had someone do this) then there is no amount of poison or traps that will prevent you from having mice in your unit.

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